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Dead Sea Mud

Origin: Israel
Best For: Dry Skin, Psoriasis
Treats: Dryness, Fine Lines
Rich in sea salt and minerals like magnesium, this soothing mud improves skin elsticity and can reduce pain caused by inflammatory skin conditions.

French Green Clay

Origin: France
Best For: Congested Skin
Treats: Acne, Congested Skin
This clay draws toxins from deep in the skin to the surface, and is ideal for active acne.

Fuller's Earth Clay

Origin: Pakistan
Best For: Oily Skin
Treats: Inflammation, Dark Spots
This clay was originally used to lighten and cleanse wool in the shearing process. It absorbs oil and is deeply cleansing. It has also been proven to ligthen acne scars over time.

Rhassoul Clay

Origin: Brazil
Best For: Mature Skin
Treats: Large Pores, Signs of Aging, Redness
Our most gentle earth clay, as it gently exfoliates without stripping and stimulates collogen production.

Rose Kaolin Clay

Origin: Morocco
Best For: Sensitive Skin
Treats: Dullness, Signs of Aging
Moroccan Clay derived from Atlas Mountains in Morocco, volcanic ash containing the most minerals of any earth clay.


Aloe Vera

Best For: All Skin Types
Treats: Acne, Scars, Redness, Rashes, Inflammation, Aging, Sunburn
Cactus like plant rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B12


Best For: Mature Skin
Treats: Signs of Aging, Vitiligo, Dullness
This Indian Areyuverdic seed is the basis behind bakuchiol - natural retinol alternative superingredient.


Best For: All Skin Types
Treats: Healing minor abrasions and bruises, acne
Orange Flower, Daisy Family


Best For: Mature & Dry Skin
Treats: Acne, Fine Lines, Redness, Dryness
Marine plants and algae dense in minerals and vitamins

Green Tea

Best For: All Skin Types
Treats: Prevents Skin Cancer, Fights Aging, Redness, Acne, Dry Skin
Made from the Camellia Sinensis plant leaves

Black Seed

Best For: All Skin Types
Treats: Fine Lines, Unclogs Pores, Dark Spots, Acne


Best For: Congested Skin
Treats: Soothes Redness, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage
Powder from a North American root

Pink Sea Salt

Best For: Sensitive, Dry Skin


Best For: Mature & Rosacea Skin
Treats: Broken capillaries, signs of aging, replenishes collagen, antioxidative.
A member of the parsley family used in Chinese medicine for longevity and brain clarity.


Best For: Dry Skin, Congested Skin
Treats: Antimicrobial without overdrying, maintains moisture barrier while targeting acne causing bacteria